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    In addition to client work, I’ve been standing around in a lot of empty fields with a camera, shooting time-lapse footage for a short film I’m putting together.

    News & Updates

    Nicholas | Portrait Preview
    Update: you can check out the pictures from this session here. ...
    Fun With Fill Lighting
    I'm a sucker for back-lighting.  I probably put the sun behind subjects a little too often, to be honest, but ...
    20% Off Summer Portraits!
    Hey, everybody! In celebration of the return of warm weather, and in the hopes of helping to fund a time-lapse ...

    Hi. My Name’s Doug.

    I’d Like To Rock You.

    I’m a freelance Creative based in Denver, Colorado, and I’m thoroughly obsessed with visual media.

    To me, there’s something undeniably amazing about communicating an idea, establishing a mood, and conveying a message through through the mediums of light, type, images and movement. I think it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever.


    What Do I Do Best?

    Video. Image. Motion. Web.

    I create unique, compelling videos motion-graphics, photography, design and animation … and have an inordinate amount of fun doing it.

    I’m imaginative, enthusiastic, fast, professional , and fun to work with. I find profound joy in crafting a visual experience from beginning to end, but I’m equally excited by partnership and collaboration. If you have a project that needs thoughtful Creative Direction, or  a disciplined, experienced designer, I’d absolutely love to help.