Hello There.

Its Nice to Meet You.

My name’s Douglas Koke. I’m a freelance designer, videographer, editor, filmmaker, photographer and motion-graphics artist based in Denver, Colorado.

Site07 has been my portfolio and playground since 2001, when I launched it as showcase for my earliest Flash designs and animations. 

For the last 12 years, I’ve been deeply engrossed in visual media and content-creation, working as a musician, writer, freelance designer, web contractor, and Sr. Designer. Previously, I spent 4 years residing as Creative Director for a global streaming media provider. In 2012, my career traveled full-circle to see me working once again as an independent.

I’m very well-versed in a broad range of creative mediums, including web, interactive, branding, motion, videography, editing, video post-production, photography, online marketing and copy-writing.
I can also be called on for 3D animation and audio production.

I’ve worked for clients as diverse as Focus On The Family, to The Sex Pistols.
In terms of scale, my roster has included families, individual entrepreneurs, and local businesses like The Soiled Dove & The Denver Post, as well as large, national brands like Blockbuster, V-Moda, HBO and Clear Channel, along with world-renowned artists like 5-time Grammy Winner, Mary Chapin Carpenter.

I’m equally comfortable — and enthusiastic — to provide services for nearly any scope, or budget.

I’m energetic, reliable, relentlessly imaginative, and super-easy to get along with. Along with the job comes some obsessive nerdery, and incurable perfectionism, but other than that, I’d say I’m about 90% hassle-free.
I truly love what I do.

My approach to work, and life, is founded in honesty, decency and integrity.
While I find deep satisfaction in difficult, demanding work, and I take pride in paying the bills, at the end of the day, my relationships and my humanity are my chief concerns, personally, and professionally.

I don’t believe you have to trick people to get their attention, or sell them something.

I firmly believe that effective advertising and great entertainment has to be rooted in telling a story that people can genuinely care about.

As much as I’m able, I try to make things that are memorable, sincere and relate-able. No matter what I’m doing, I always try and approach it from someplace good, because in my experience,  people seem to respond pretty well to that.

If that resonates with you, please drop me a line. I’d love to work with you!



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